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When we started in the late 1980s in marketing and had our first customer contact, it often happened that the leaders of companies told us, how they want their advertising to be done. From these requirements we tried to develop a concept.

The result: A good campaign, but it did not fit with the company. The emotional feeling of the customer and the sales growth failed to materialize.

Our conclusion: Before we work with a company, we analyze the company / products to be able to accurately recognize an effective campaign. We are honest and speak of things that may sometimes sound hard for you, the customer, but they are essential for your success. In today's world a company can no longer be allowed to implement a marketing concept by “rule of the thumb”. Today different standards apply. Emotions that are aroused by colors play an important role when dealing with customers - just as much as the body language does.


We have saved our customers millions of dollars in the course of our work.

How did we do that?
We analyze the planned advertising spending regarding profitability, effectiveness, and the clever interplay of the media mix. In addition, time courses of the campaigns are checked.

Do you think that an advertising provider would ever admit that the reservation at his medium is unsuitable, that it is too large or simply placed wrong? We see ourselves as an independent analyzer.
But please do not get us wrong.

We may suggest in our analyses that advertising money has to be distributed differently. Or also that too much money is spent on certain media. But our analyses also do point out, if it makes more sense to take the advertising budget and invest in a nice holiday, because the sum is too small to obtain a meaningful promotional effect.


For years we have been intensively committed with the optimization of Holiday Resorts. With the increasing number of providers in the tourism industry, a variety of indicators has considerable significance. We review, analyze and assist in the design and implementation. Theoretically and practically.

How does the potential customer find out about this holiday destination?
How is the initial contact perceived?
Is all the potentially interesting information offered tot he customer?
Do the service descriptions match the service performances on site?
How do guests experience their holiday destination?
Is the service sufficient?
Is the satisfied guest used as a multiplier?

We review the entire resort with all its benefits, the marketing activities and the personnel management.



"If you cook well, if the food is good, then the restaurant is going well."

Unfortunately, these or similar words or phrases are often used by restaurant operators. But in addition to a good kitchen, many other factors decide about success or failure. Once you put yourself in the position of a potential customer you will quickly see what measures are appropriate, indeed even necessary in most cases, to lead a gastronomical business to success.

Where can I find a new restaurant? How effective is the initial contact via flyers, website, etc. (if any)? How are the reviews in portals such as TripAdvisor, Urbanspoon, etc.? Is the alignment oft he restaurant identifyable? Are the offers of the restaurant identifyable? Is the service of the restaurant identifyable? What is the initial contact on site? How do guests feel? Will guests further recommend the restaurant?
We test all of these criteria (and more), analyze, create an individual concept and assist with the implementation. Theoretically and practically.

Specials for Gastronomy:
1. Websites - Optimized websites for Restaurants. Easy to use. All necessary information. Online Menu. Supervision of your website.
2. Restaurant Portals - Entry into the most popular restaurant portals.
3. Reservation System - We recommend OpenTable as reservation system.
4. Digital Signage - Your own screen program. E.g. Specials, Weather, Opening Hours, Regional Information. Branded with your Logo.
5. Mystery shopper - We check your services, staff and the whole range you have to offer to customers.



How can a city be more successful, effective and popular? We have the answer. You just have to ask.

A few decades ago, it was more or less the only task of cities to organize the lives of citizens and to maintain logistics. Terms such as city marketing were largely unknown. Today, the cities have far more other tasks. Due to a variety of projects for cities and with cities, ComNotion has developed extensive know-how and presents this knowledge to the cities. This includes:

Structural Planning
Urban Transport Planning
Promotion of Touristic Areas
Communication Procedures
Event Security Planning (structural, organizational)

About ComNotion

We are the top marketing agency with more than 25 years of experience with more than 1200 clients.

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